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Karoo Software Build Version 1.360.1448

Posted by Hammerhead Team on

Introducing ANT+ LEV E-Bike Support

Now you can connect Karoo to your ANT+ LEV E-Bikes to see remaining range, assist mode, motor power, and more. Karoo will alert you when you change assist modes in-ride, so you can easily see what mode your bike is now in. Add E-Bike data fields like “Range Remaining vs. Distance Remaining On Route '' to your Profiles, and take the guesswork out of finishing every ride with battery left to spare. After your rides, go to Dashboard to see how your E-Bike’s battery and drain rate were affected by factors like assist mode or climbing throughout your ride. Note: not all E-Bikes are compatible. See our Knowledge Base here for our most up-to-date guidance on E-Bike compatibility and supported numeric and graphical data-fields.


Added Smart Lights Toggle

We’ve added a toggle in the sensor details of Smart Lights to let you choose whether Karoo turns your light on and off automatically after each ride.


Improved Barometer Calibration

We’ve improved the process by which Karoo calibrates its barometer to derive current elevation. Previously, this process was initiated after starting your rides, causing large jumps in elevation right at the beginning of rides. This new calibration process runs before you begin your rides, so the elevation is more accurate from the start. Additionally, the new process will help minimize elevation jumps during rest stops, where before any long break could cause a similar jump in elevation.


Added TrainingPeaks Mountain Bike Workouts

Karoo now allows you to import Mountain Bike Workouts from TrainingPeaks


New Support for ANT+ Core Body Temperature Sensors

Introducing support for ANT+ Core Body Temperature Sensors. Now you can connect your Core Body Temperature Sensor to Karoo. Add Body temperature data fields to your Profiles to track core and skin temperature in-ride. Karoo will record this data to the FIT file for post-ride analysis in 3rd party tools. Learn more. 


Added Speed Sensor Toggle

We’ve added a toggle in the sensor details of certain Power Meters and certain eBikes (those that broadcast speed) to let you choose whether Karoo uses this sensor as a speed source instead of GPS.


Updated Internet Connection Check

We’ve updated the way Karoo checks its internet connection. As part of this, we’ve removed the call to Google DNS, so it should work better now for those users who have internet firewalls configured (e.g. to block outbound DNS calls). If this never affected you, don't worry about this change. 


Bug Fixes:

  • We’ve made stability improvements related to following long routes in reverse.
  • We’ve fixed a bug that caused Karoo to briefly show itself as auto-paused at the beginning of each ride.
  • We’ve made a stability improvement related to changing profiles in-ride.



  • Introducing Completed Climbs in Dashboard Ride Review. If you use Climber in-ride, you’ll now be able to see, select, and review each ride’s Climbs on Dashboard.
  • We’ve changed the "Sync Ride" modal to remain open until you close it so you can upload a ride to multiple Connected Accounts more easily.







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