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Explore, train and share the ride with others.
Karoo is a new cycling technology companion
that’s ready for everything the ride brings.

For Cyclists
By Cyclists

We are
first — a team of cyclists,
second — a team of designers and engineers on a mission to support the ride, wherever you may go.

Putnam Valley

The Story
of Karoo

Project “HX” (the initial internal code name for Karoo) commenced in earnest in the spring of 2015. Our small but close-knit team began a daunting but exciting mission, to develop entirely proprietary hardware and software from scratch, and take Hammerhead to the next level. Our goal was to develop a truly revolutionary product at the intersection of cycling and technology.

Through our blog, we’re telling two stories: one is our retrospective account of how Project HX got off the ground over the past two years, and the other are the latest developments inside Hammerhead as we step ever-closer to releasing Karoo.

We hope you’ll follow along, and we thank you for joining us on this journey.

Putnam Valley
Latest Update

Product Development Series:
Mechanical Engineering

The process of engineering Karoo has resulted in more than 900 pages of documentation and decision-making. Our team of electrical and mechanical specialists has worked exhaustively to both engineer Karoo — a device unlike anything else they’d ever seen — and the completely separate process of producing it on a large scale.

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At Hammerhead, we’re always thinking about the next ride and we want you to come along. From here to there, from every mile to every moment. We’ve got your back. We’re in this together.