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Make Every Ride Better Than The Last

Experience cycling as it should be with the world's most intuitive yet advanced cycling computer ever made.


Flora Duffy

Olympic Champion

Hammerhead has been a flawless partner to my success.

Paul Voss

Gravel Champion

Hammerhead is a game changer for me. Detailed and accurate navigation and the insights of CLIMBER are vital to my gravel racing.

Kasia Niewiadoma

2023 UCI Gravel World Champion

Hammerhead gives me all the information I need out on the road to train and race at my best.

    Trusted By The Professionals

    Navigate your way to proven performance like the pros.

    The Difference is Clear

    See what matters most to you with best in class routing & visualizations

    Easy to use and customize - Get the advanced features you want without complexity

    Advanced connectedness with your favorite devices and apps so you can ride the way you want

    The Difference is Clear

    See what matters most to you with best in class routing & visualizations

    The Difference is Clear

    Easy to Use and Customize - Get the advanced features you want without complexity

    The Difference is Clear

    Advanced connectedness with your favorite devices and apps so you can ride the way you want

      Press Highlights

      “The best screen and navigational metrics in the game”

      “The screen is simply the best on the market”

      “Outperforms the competition in size, resolution, and display quality”

      “The best GPS cycling computer you’re not using”

      “Faster than every other dedicated bike computer”

      Product Features

      Image of Forge your own path with route building

      Optimize Your Ride With Data Made Beautiful

      We translate in-ride data into beautiful visualizations for real-time optimization.

      Image of See the road ahead with best-in-class navigation

      See The Road Ahead With Best-In-Class Navigation

      Cycling-specific navigation designed to help you never miss a turn. But with instant and automatic rerouting, we've got you covered if you do.

      Image of Keep your eyes on the road with beeper notifications

      See What Matters With Fully Customizable UI

      Choose the data you want to see and how you want to see it. Profile-based settings make switching between riding styles and surface preferences easier and more powerful than ever.

      Image of Conquer the cols with CLIMBER

      Access It All With Ease On Our Hammerhead Dashboard

      Effortlessly access and manage all your data to review ride performance, create and organize routes, assess upcoming workouts, adjust your training zones, and more with the Hammerhead Dashboard.

      Image of See what matters with fully customizable UI

      Hit Your Goals With Customizable Training Plans and Robust Workout Player

      It's easier than ever to follow your training plan and hit your goals with intuitive support for structured workouts, including automatic syncing from TrainingPeaks and TrainerRoad.

      Image of Optimize your ride with data made beautiful

      Conquer The Cols With CLIMBER

      CLIMBER auto-detects upcoming climbs — even when you're not on pre-planned routes — and provides rich gradient insights so you can strategically pace your ascent.

      Image of Stay on top of what matters with smartphone notifications

      Forge Your Own Path With Route Building and Points of Interest

      Easily build your own route on your preferred surface with the Hammerhead Dashboard. Add custom points of interest and download it for use on other devices.

      Image of Hit your goals with customizable training plans

      Know Your Range

      Karoo offers comprehensive battery alerts for all your connected components, with full ANT+ and Bluetooth support, including E-Bikes.

      Image of Keep on the cutting edge with frequent software update

      Keep Your Eyes On The Road With Beeper Notifications

      Beeper alerts notify you of turns, approaching traffic, training milestones, low battery, and smartphone notifications.

      Image of Sync your rides for analysis

      Keep On The Cutting Edge With Frequent Software Updates

      We provide the most agile software on the market, with constant improvements. New features and enhancements keep your riding experience on the cutting edge.

      Image of Sync your rides for analysis

      Upload and Sync Effortlessly with Our Companion App

      Our App for Android and iOS give you the flexibility to upload and sync routes and workouts, instantly navigate to pins, and easily manage your Karoo, no Wi-Fi required.

      Image of Sync your rides for analysis

      AXS It All

      Access the full SRAM experience on Karoo with quick and easy single sign on, automatic sensor pairing, advanced battery management, and the most intuitive controller programming on the market.

      Image of Minimize drag with a low-profile mount

      Take Full Control With A High-Res Touchscreen and Responsive Buttons

      Our stunning smartphone-quality Corning Gorilla Glass touchscreen lets you take control with a swipe of your finger, while ignoring rain droplets and mud. Prefer the push (or just wearing gloves)? Fully control Karoo with responsive physical buttons.

      Image of Save time and space with our simplified mounting system

      Ignore The Weather Report With Outdoor-Proofed Design

      If you can handle it, the Karoo can too: with a water, dust, and mud resistant design.

      Image of Take full control with a high-res touchscreen

      Save Time And Space With Our Simplified Mounting System

      Make your setup as strong, secure, and adaptable as you are with the Hammerhead Mounting System.

      Image of Ignore the weather report with outdoor-proofed design

      Minimize Drag With A Low-Profile Mount

      We know drag is a drag, so we reimagined the standard head unit mount to make it more aerodynamic and adjustable — while maintaining strength with a large contact surface area.

      Paul M. ✅

      A Pocket Sized Phenomenon
      What a superb, easy-to-use, so-many-data-variables, integrated-with-everything device! I love it and can’t imagine a better cycle computer. The user interface and screen quality are outstanding, and the new mount makes it feel very secure on the bike. Can’t fault it.

      Mark H. ✅

      So Far, So Good
      Just received the unit the other day and took it out over the weekend. What a great unit! I have had two different units over the years, Garmin & WAHOO Roam. The Karoo 2 is far superior in my opinion. And to top that off the customer service is on a much higher level than anything I have experienced. I would highly recommend this bike computer!

      Allen D. ✅

      Very convienent to use and great battery life! It's great for any type of biking and is resistible to rain and weather. Love the product!

      Matthew U. ✅

      I Love My Karoo 2
      This is my first cycling computer and I love it. It was very easy to learn how to use and setup. I love the simplicity of the user interface on both the device as well as the Hammerhead dashboard. Highly recommend the Hammerhead Karoo 2. I'm absolutely obsessed with the Karoo 2 and it has made me even more motivated and excited to get out and ride more! 10/10. 5 Stars, zero issues or complaints. I can't wait to see where the future updates will take us because I know it's only going to get better and keep improving!

      Andres ✅

      Best Cycling Computer Out There
      I owned another brand of computer but HAD to move to Karoo 2 after seeing what was capable of and the number of features available, specially the climbing/mountain features and information it gives you to prepare for what's coming! It is clear and delivers what you really need at the right time. I live in Asia so trying to get it here was a struggle and took some time, it would be great if they were shipping to this area, as I'm sure there will be a lot of customers. I'm very happy with the computer and periodically updates that make it just even better! Congrats and great job to the design and engineers of the team!

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        Free Standard Shipping

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        30-Day Risk Free Trial

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        We Pride Ourselves On Support

        We Pride Ourselves On Support

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