Karoo Software Build Version:

Introductions and Enhancements:

  • Now supporting pairing to WiFi networks that require a portal login (such as in a hotel or coffee shop).
  • Handling of various turn instructions, including roundabouts, for left-lane driving countries (in beta).
  • Karoo now supports long lists of Activities to go along with support of a long list of Routes.
  • Power meter improvements:
    • Increased compliance with ANT+ power meter spec (more reliable connection and more accurate data readouts)
    • Improved management of data while coasting 

Bug Fixes:

  • Turn-by-turn instructions restored in instances where navigation fails during a ride.
  • Slowed adaptive UI brightness adjustment period to save battery.
  • Fixed issue where rider height could be reverted to 5’5”
  • Eliminated elevation spikes caused by in-ride elevation auto-calibration.
  • Improvements to algorithm that renders time-in-powerzone graphic.
  • Fix zero-value data field freezes – now clearing data fields when a sensor is disabled.
  • ig fixed that prevented complete route tracking when screen is turned off by user during ride.
  • Fix to remove spikes in left-right channel power meter data from Power2Max and Stages.
  • Fix for slow transition from starting a ride to display to data field presentation.
  • Fix for user and device profile items not being restored after factory resetting of Karoo (page sets and user profile). 

Known Issues Remaining:

  • Battery life can reduce at an accelerated rate after a ride when Karoo is just sitting in sleep mode for some riders.
  • GPS lock of device during a ride (critical for all location-based services) may still occasionally fail for some users, often resulting in the “Waiting for instruction” error.
  • Some data fields freezing in-ride for some users. Exploring whether this is a systemic issue or individual data stream/sensor issue.
  • Average Speed and Cadence readouts sometimes erroneous. Algorithms being analyzed and revised.
  • Offline map downloads failures still affecting some users (workarounds identified, but root cause/fix still being explored).
  • Bracket feet failing for some users in rigorous conditions. Bracket foot has been redesigned and replacement bracket feet will be offered to customers when they have been produced.