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Product Specifications

Explore the Karoo's hardware and technical specifications below. For more information please visit our support page or see the Software Release Notes for the latest software updates.


Operating System Karoo OS (built on Android 6.0)
Software Updates Regular, over-the-air via WiFi
Physical Dimensions 98 x 72 x 28 mm (3.8" x 2.8" x 1.1")
Weight 168g (5.92 Oz)
Water Rating IP67
Metal-injection molded skeleton with high-impact resistance polycarbonate. Endurance rated buttons with an affirmative mechanical click. All-weather paint finish. Sealed with 8 screws.
3200mAh Lithium-Ion Polymer cell, ~3 hour full recharge, ~10 hour runtime with internet connectivity and all features running, ~15 hour runtime with just screen, GPS & sensors.
Mounting Standard quarter-turn mount interface works with aftermarket brackets
Touchscreen Capacitive with multi-touch, pinch-zoom, and water droplet rejection
Cover glass 1.1mm Corning Gorilla GlassTM
Full device navigation via side buttons (2 on each side for those really muddy rides) and a power button with reset.
Display Technology High resolution, non-reflective, military-grade screen for maximum visibility in all conditions
Display Size 3.5" diagonal (2.10" x 2.80" or 53.28 x 71.04mm)
Display Resolution 640 x 480 - 229 Pixels per inch
Backlight Auto-adjusts to ambient light conditions.
Ports Waterproof Micro USB port and Micro SIM card slot for cellular connectivity
Custom Applications Karoo comes standard with a suite of custom Android-based apps to operate the device.
Recording interval 1-second


Maps & Navigation

Turn by turn navigation Turn by turn navigation on any route created or imported.
Offline Map Updates On-demand, offline downloadable maps, based on Open Street maps.
Routing On-device route-making and navigation via waypoints or location searching.
Route Types Create routes optimized for road, gravel and MTB riding.
Re-routing Reroute in-ride on any route that you make or import
Route Sharing Share any route via the dashboard. Shared routes can be edited by other Karoo users
Route Import
Import, create and manage routes on the Karoo Dashboard: GPX files, Strava, MapmyRide, Ride with GPS, OutdoorActive, Trailforks, MTBProject,, Gpsies
Route syncing
Automatically sync new routes from the Hammerhead Dashboard. Any imported activity can be made into a route with turn-by-turn navigation.
Activities syncing Automatically sync activities to Strava
Offline Maps Cache any region on Karoo, offline map tiles and routing are auto-cached for your planned ride
Fast GPS Lock Satellite lock in under 5 seconds.


Processing and Connectivity

Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) GPS, GLONASS and Cellular Triangulation, -163dBm sensitivity
WiFi 2.4 GHz - 802.11 b/g/n
Any cycling specific ANT+ sensors from any manufacturer can connect seamlessly. Connect up to 7 at any time
Cellular Connectivity 3G, 850/900/1900/2100 MHz
Bluetooth Smart (4.0+) with audio streaming (A2DP) Including other Bluetooth profiles for later apps and voice control (HSP - headset profile, HFP - hands-free profile)
Processor Quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 MPCore - 1.3 GHz, optimized for longer operational life
Storage 16 GB with 8.5GB of user space (thousands of miles of routes, a full suite of apps, and all of your data).
Altimeter Barometric, accurate to 0.012m, GPS calibrated
Accelerometer 3-Axis
Compass 3-Axis Magnetometer
Light Ambient light sensor for backlight dimming
Temperature Internal sensor


External Sensors and Devices

ANT+ / Bluetooth 4.0
Capable of logging any number of Bluetooth 4.0 and 7x ANT+ devices simultaneously. Heart rate, Speed, Cadence, Power Meter, Shifting*, Trainer control**, Muscle oxygen***, Other (Future Releases)



Data display Customizable profiles allow you to select what data is displayed while riding
Account Synchronization
You can log in to any Karoo with your Hammerhead account and automatically sync your pre-paired sensors, routes, page sets, Strava account, and more.
Customizable page sets
Karoo allows you to create an unlimited number of riding “page sets” in the Pages app, which can be customized to display different types of data for different types of riding.
The Karoo Dashboard
Login to the Karoo Dashboard on your computer to more quickly design and alter routes. You can also easily import routes as URLs from a wide variety of services, such as Strava, MapMyRide, Trailforks, and more. All routes on your Dashboard seamlessly and instantly with your Karoo.
Auto Start/Stop/Pause Customizable auto pause.


Future Software

Hammerhead has built Karoo on the most flexible software stack possible. This allows any developer to bring value to our platform. Our goal is to be nimble with software releases and build services that cyclists want. Our customers will be a part of making this paradigm a reality, below are some of the ideas that we are currently designing
Build custom workout profiles with alerts and specific heart rate, power or pace goals, link them to routes, and share them with friends.
Intervals Easily build interval workouts or choose from presets designed by coaches
Strava segments
See strava segments while route-planning. Add segments to your route and race them with real-time feedback.
Live-tracking Live location and sensor data can be shared with anyone through a URL.
Group Tracking Share location, meetup times and courses to friends on your ride.
Weather Display
Get a weather forecast pre-ride, wind data on the route and a head’s up for rain. Post-ride wind, power and speed data is correlated to give you a better understanding of your training session.
Training Calendar
A whole new standard for training planning, workouts are preloaded on your bike, if you miss one the plan adjusts. Integrate your indoor and outdoor training data.
Ride leader tools
Visualize the heart-rate and power output of everyone in your ride group. Get instant feedback on the relative strain of your team.
Training groups
Find ride groups and training friends in your city, match with cyclists at your level and make group rides easier.
Live training interface Coaches who tailor your training plan and give you live feedback.
Music Storage and Playback Hammerhead will incorporate 3rd party music apps like Spotify to enable some music capability.