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Points of Interest and SRAM eTap — See What’s New for Karoo

Posted by Audrey Hahn on

Points of Interest and SRAM eTap — See What’s New for Karoo

The latest Karoo software release integrates shifting profile data fields and POI enhancements that you don’t want to miss out on.



New Features and Enhancements:

Karoo now supports Campagnolo EPS (v3) and SRAM eTap ANT+ shifting profile data fields which allow the user to see current gear data from the shifting system on the screen during rides. The battery status of shifters will be displayed as one of four states under the “Sensor Info” page as ‘New’, ‘Good’, ‘Ok’, or ‘Low’. More information and instructions for sensor pairing.

Additionally, we have added the capability to display a full set of differentiated points of interest which will appear on the map screen when imported from Ride With GPS routes. A Point of Interest can be selected by pressing down on its icon, and then users will be redirected towards that destination while keeping the original route on the screen to be resumed later. Ultimately, users will be routed back to the most optimal point on their normal route when they complete or cancel their POI journey.

Finally, software updates can now be applied if Karoo is at or above 15% battery charge, enabling users to access new features more conveniently.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue causing some sensors to not connect after disabling Built-In GPS
  • Improved route line appearance on sharp corners. Previously this could show “spikes” in the route app
  • Hammerhead manufacturer information is now properly shown in Settings > About > Manufacturer
  • Fixed an issue where a newly paired and prioritized sensor would jump to bottom of the priority list after sensor search completed
  • Improved the Time to Destination field for the early part of a ride
  • Fixed an issue causing some users to see a “Not_Available” status for ANT+ sensors

Features and Bug Fixes Still in Progress:



Full release notes

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