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Karoo Software Build Version: 1.95.686.3

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Introductions and Enhancements:

  • Support for Varia RADAR added
  • Karoo now integrates with Di2 shifting when enabled by a Shimano inline wireless unit such as the EW-WU111. Karoo now supports:
    • Pairing Di2 Electronic Shifter Systems with Karoo
    • Shifting-related data fields:
      • Electronic Shifting Battery Level
      • Electronic Shifting Current Gears Selected
      • Electronic Shifting Single Data Field Gears Selected
      • Electronic Shifting, Number of Shifts
      • Graphical Data Field: Electronic Shifting (Index) Current Gears Selected
    • Navigating Karoo via Di2 Hood Buttons
      • Tap to swipe Screens Left/Right (Karoo Buttons “B” and “C”)
      • Double-tap left to access "Lap" (Karoo button “E”)
      • Double-tap right to access “Menu” (Karoo button “D”)
      • Long press left to zoom in (like long-press “B”)
      • Long press right to zoom out (like long-press “C”)
    • Riders are able to change the Di2 shift mode between Manual, S1, and S2 modes in the detail page for the sensor
    • More information on our Support portal
  • The capability of Karoo and Dashboard maps have been updated to show points of interest (POI) when imported from RideWithGPS. For now, all POIs are read-only and all types are shown with a common graphic indicator (pin).
  • The turn-by-turn banner colors were changed for visibility and to leave red open for more consistent use on Karoo
  • The feature menu (shown with the “D” button in ride) was simplified to remove the minimized view

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved an issue where the upcoming elevation view could show "Route elevation error" even though a route was selected
  • Fixed Shimano pairing priority
  • Fixed an issue where profile changes were not being synced with the Hammerhead cloud
  • Resolved an issue where activity uploads to Strava could fail after WiFi connected
  • Fixes to ANT+ sensor integration
  • Resolved issues where CTF Power Meters were not showing data
  • Devices of different types but with the same device number can now be paired successfully.
  • Improved the scale bar shown on the Karoo map view so that is does not overlap with the compass as had been possible for various zoom levels.
  • Fixed an issue where battery life was reduced by the Karoo screen being turned off when in ride. This could happen by the user intentionally turning off the screen (button “A”) or by an auto screen off when paused and not moving for more than 5 minutes

Features and Bug Fixes Still in Progress:

Dashboard Update:

  • Fixed an issue where entering a second address to search for on Dashboard maps would not move the map to that location
  • Fixed an issue where Dashboard could get in a state where it would not receive further mouse clicks when creating a route
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on the monocle in order to remove or add a point instead would move the monocle
  • Fixed the terms of service linkage shown during account setup on Dashboard

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