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  • Capture HR zone data
  • New data fields: Power % of FTP, HR % of max
  • Elevation data fields Current elevation/ Ascent / Descent (Still in beta)
  • Corrections on FIT file Strava uploads
  • Migrated offline regions from mapping client DB to user DB
  • Downloading navigation information available as a part of route creation
  • FIT SDK: update to latest

Fixes for:

  • Auth service regularly going down 
  • Change minimum battery restriction for updates from 50% to 30%
  • Manual elevation value keeps changing — conversion precision addressed
  • Verify recovery text mode updated
  • Need validation on elevation value addressed
  • Turn-by-turn navigation pop-up is not appearing when entering the ride app
  • When Location is turned off, waiting for GPS message comes before five minutes and doesn’t show instructions after re-enabling location
  • Ride function failing to launch addressed
  • Fixed profile picker on launcher app disappearing after double clicking on route link
  • Strange navigation instruction layout renderings in map screen page addressed
  • Strava data showing zeros for all data after ride upload addressed
  • Enabling all lap data fields on same page causes in-ride lap page to be blank
  • Instructions from navigation service don’t stop after saving/discarding the ride
  • Appropriate message not shown when no instructions received from mapping client for navigation
  • Power zone calculations have errors in zones 4/5/6
  • Turn-by-turn instructions not available on edited routes
  • Ride/routes crashing when offline downloading in background
  • Mapping client bug randomly stops giving download status updates and exceptions
  • Routing preferences not being synced
  • Turn-by-turn navigation randomly pop-up when re-entering the ride app
  • Killing ride/routes app from task switcher ends offline service
  • Deletion of a downloading region in regions app is not getting propagated properly
  • Download getting re-triggered for downloaded offline routes
  • Refactor queuing logic for offline tile cache
  • Elevation gain showing zero on routes list
  • Auto-calibration function of elevation data not working properly
  • Fixed many cases of: Status changes to “waiting” after download completes 95%
  • Deleting a route through dashboard is possible, while downloading offline route on Karoo
  • If two devices are connected with same H account, then downloaded route goes to waiting state and can’t download
  • Re-downloading happens when already offlined route name is edited
  • Offline download still progresses if disconnected from/reconnected to Internet
  • Offline route — turn instructions unavailable on many routes
  • “Map tile limit reached” pop-up showing up unnecessarily often

Read more about this update on our blog here

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