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Karoo Software Build Version 1.335.1353

Posted by Hammerhead Team on

Bug Fixes: 

  • Fixed an issue with route search on Karoo that caused it to show results based on routes’ start and end locations. 
  • Fixed an issue with sorting routes on Karoo that caused proximity-based ordering not to work without re-selecting it.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a variety of problems recording your ride if your Karoo’s clock updated mid-ride. 
  • We’ve fixed an issue that kept the keyboard open after you finished  naming your ride or giving it a description on Karoo. 


Dashboard Software:

  • Introducing the ability to Ignore Paths when building and editing your routes on Dashboard. If you need to override our routing algorithm for any reason, that’s no longer a problem. 
    • Select “Ignore Paths” from the top left dropdown and continue dropping waypoints, and your route will connect them each with a straight line. 
    • Note: turn-by-turn instruction in these sections will be limited on Karoo. When you follow the route, Karoo will instruct you to follow the route line on your map page.
  • We’ve made an important change to the way Pins are created and edited on Dashboard. There are two distinct types of Pins, those saved to Global and those saved to Routes.
    •  Now, when you create Pins, you’re given the choice of how you want to save the new Pin. If you want to take an existing Route pin and use it on every route, instead of replacing it with a Global Pin, you will now duplicate it with a new Global pin.
  • We’ve improved the elevation graph for reviewing rides on Dashboard, so that there’s only one Y-axis at a time. This keeps the graph from changing sizes when you toggle data on and off.





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