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Karoo Software Build Version: 1.21.495.3

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Introductions and Enhancements:

  • New, higher-contrast map style for easier viewing under bright sunlight
  • The Karoo homescreen has been redesigned to make ride mode its central purpose and allow more convenient launching of rides
  • Full data screen management
    • New drag-and-drop page creation tool for custom data field layout that maximizes screen real estate
    • Existing Karoo data screens are automatically migrated to the new layouts
  • Data field appearance update
    • Data fields are redesigned with consistent and larger fonts to capitalize on the screen real estate.
    • Initial reworking of data field display: Removed the use of “n/a” and replaced with  “...” (sensor connected but not showing a value); “- -” (missing data, e.g. distance to destination after route removed), and “0” (sensor showing zero value).  Further refinements are expected in future releases
  • Riders will see a timed banner displaying a message when going off-route, and another notification when rejoining the route. The color of the turn-by-turn instructions will change to blue (to match the re-route line) when off course
  • Further ANT+ Support
    • Support for Get/Set Crank Length on ANT+ Power Meters
    • Support for Calibration of CTF-based ANT+ Power Meters
    • Battery status is now dynamically shown in the sensors app for non-Power Meter ANT+ devices that declare battery status and runtime
  • Rides can now be started from the home screen using the buttons on the side of Karoo
  • The Karoo screen no longer turns on/off in response to power being applied or removed.  This is in support of customers using dynamometers to power Karoo in rides

Bug Fixes:

  • Accuracy improvements for in the 3, 5, and 10 second average speed fields.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause the average speed field to briefly spike to extreme values
  • Improvements were made to Karoo's performance in long rides:
    • Memory leak and high CPU spikes removed
    • Fit file recording remains solid over time
    • Under normal conditions data fields are not dropped from fit records
  • The above improvements also resolve the data field freezes reported by some customers
  • Distance to Next Turn, Distance to Destination, ETA, and Time to Destination are cleared when a route is removed during an activity
  • Data field initialization issues have been resolved. This includes issues like previous ride’s values being visible before the next activity has been started, fields not zeroing when data is no longer available, and graphic fields not behaving well if sensors stopped transmitting
  • An issue has been resolved where rides were not consistently saved/recovered if Karoo’s battery was emptied during a ride

Features and Bug Fixes Still in Progress:

  • Known Bug: The on/off route detection is currently working only on the map view.
  • Known Bug: The gray line indicating the path traveled does not stand out on the new map style.
  • Known Bug: The historic elevation graph can become non-functional while recording.
  • Overall, Q1 2019 is focusing on reliability and stability.
  • The single highest prioritized feature is a predictive elevation graph.
  • Graphical data fields reworked to match the static data fields, changing “n/a” values to reflect sensors not transmitting, sensors not paired, and zero values.

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