Karoo Software Build Version:

Release Date: April 19, 2018

Introductions and Enhancements:

  • In-ride pause menu redesign to reduce intrusiveness:
  • Auto-pause: background icon displayed; users can now scroll through pages
  • Manual pause: users now have option to hide menu and scroll through pages
  • Various back-end improvements to sensor data stream intake, resulting in more accurate and reliable displaying, handling, and logging of all sensor data 
  • Better handling of grade and vertical speed data for faster response, greater accuracy, and reduction in erroneous drops to 0% or 0m/hr. 
  • Improvements for handling roundabouts and other turn instructions
  • Some left-hand traffic navigation prompts introduced (in beta)
  • Improved software protocol for recovery of ride data after unexpected crashes or freezes
  • Added a prompt for high battery drain with adaptive brightness on
  • Average Cadence value is no longer including zeros 
  • Lap screen now shows a more detailed summary that includes a snapshot of previous lap data
  • Various back-end improvements made that are laying a strong foundation for third-party apps and integrations in the future

Bug Fixes:

  • Addressed case where navigation instructions were not showing up on all data screens (still working on this but improvements made) for some users
  • Addressed Strava upload failures reported by some users
  • TSS (Training Stress Score) data field was incorrectly considering pause time
  • Ride path was not following rider on map when Karoo’s screen was not in-ride 
  • Eliminated data field freezing if/when a sensor is dropped