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Meet Our Team

Hammerhead Senior Team

Photo of Piet Morgan Photo, he is a Co-Founder and CEO of Hammerhead

Piet Morgan


Piet’s passion for biking dates back to his childhood. Growing up in South Africa, he cycled with his friend and classmate Chris Froome, winner of the 2013 Tour de France and 2015 Tour de France. The challenge of navigating on a bike became fully apparent to Piet when he biked across the United States. Frustrated by the unnecessary dangers that he and his partners encountered, he dedicated himself to creating a solution. Piet graduated from Yale University, where he was a cyclist and a member of the varsity rowing team.


Photo of Raveen Beemsingh, he is a Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of Software at Hammerhead

Raveen Beemsingh

SVP Software

Raveen is responsible for all things software at Hammerhead. He completed his undergraduate degree in engineering at The National Institutes of Technology at Surat in India and spent the following decade as a full stack developer in Europe and the USA. Raveen recently completed his MBA at Lehigh University. While in school, he frequented hackathons all across the east coast, and even won HackPrinceton in 2013. Raveen is also a seasoned hiker and has traversed some of the most perilous glaciers in Europe. He is also an up and coming cyclist.

Photo of Laurence Wattrus, he is a Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of Hardware at Hammerhead

Laurence Wattrus

SVP Hardware

Laurence runs hardware at Hammerhead - from product development through to manufacturing. He appreciates the details of functional aesthetics and clean user experience. A passionate mountain biker and engineer, Laurence studied electromechanical engineering at the University of Cape Town in South Africa while cycling and paddling competitively. Laurence is an expert navigator, having explored much of the Southern tip of Africa on a bicycle. Laurence completed his master’s degree at Brown University in 2013.

Photo of Julio Radesca, he is Vice President of Design at Hammerhead

Julio Radesca

VP Design

Julio leads design at Hammerhead from the logic of our apps to the surfacing of our device. Brought up in Sao Paulo, Brazil, he spent 5 years in Europe, first in France, and then in The Netherlands where he studied industrial design at the Design Academy Eindhoven while commuting almost exclusively by bike. He is passionate about cross disciplinary projects, and while he loves working on smart objects, he also enjoys building furniture. Julio is also an enthusiastic soccer player and takes pleasure in cooking elaborate meals.

Photo of Jon Morgan, he is Vice President of Operations at Hammerhead

Jon Morgan

VP Biz Dev & Ops

Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, Jon graduated from Yale University in 2013 with a degree in History. He is an avid cyclist and rower, and was a member of the Yale Heavyweight Crew Team in college, captaining it his senior year. He oversees the daily operations of the company, worldwide shipping and fulfillment, and manages community engagement. Prior to joining Hammerhead Jon worked for Endeavor Global, and then spent six months in the White House as an intern in the Office of the Chief of Staff. Jon is an active member of the the White House Advance Team and coordinates logistics for Presidential travel and events.

Photo of Shashank Tomar, he is a Senior Software Developer at Hammerhead

Shashank Tomar

Senior Software Developer

Shashank Tomar contributes greatly to the breadth and depth of software expertise at Hammerhead. He has a passion for developing elegant solutions to challenging technical problems and believes that modular and testable code goes a long way. He was born and brought up in the northern part of India, and spent his childhood bugging his parents by always asking "why" before "how”. He graduated from Dehradun Institute of Technology in 2010 with a degree in Information Technology and went on to work at TCS and ThoughtWorks before joining Hammerhead. Design and photography are newfound passions of his. He also enjoys playing online strategy game DOTA.

Photo of Devarajan Narayanan, he is a Senior Software Developer at Hammerhead

Devarajan Narayanan

Senior Software Developer

Devarajan is a hacker determined to solve real world problems. He has a diverse set of tools and skills in his arsenal and works as a full stack developer at Hammerhead. Devarajan was raised in Tamil Nadu, India, and graduated from SSN College of Engineering in 2013 with a degree in Information Technology. He went on to win a prestigious internship at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and gained additional experience working at Cognizant, Trip38 and ThoughtWorks before joining Hammerhead. He is a novice keyboard player, mediocre swimmer and wannabe pilot.

Photo Bharath MG, he is a Senior Software Developer at Hammerhead

Bharath MG

Senior Software Developer

Bharath was born and brought up in Southern India, and graduated from SASTRA University, Tanjavur, Tamilnadu, in 2013, with a degree in Computer Science Engineering. Bharath has always been passionate about solving engineering problems and worked at Freshdesk and ThoughtWorks before joining Hammerhead. He focuses on Android and Server development and enjoys coding in many different languages. He participates in many competitive programming events and hackathons, and occasionally solves coding problems in online competitions like TopCoder and SPOJ. He also enjoys playing online strategy game DOTA.

Photo of Laurence and Julio in a discussion
Photo of Raveen and Jon at the Texas Welcome Star
Photo of Piet inspecting a road bike wheel
Photo of Jon Strauss while doing a photo shoot in Boulder Colorado
Photo of Hammerhead team returning from SxSW 2014
Photo of Julio doing a shape study of his 3D print results
Photo of Hammerhead team at Texas Welcome Star en route to SxSW 2014 in Austin Texas
Photo of Hammerhead team in Pondicherry India with a Motorcycle
Photo of Hammerhead team posing with a Tuk Tuk in Chennai India
Photo of Laurence with a road bike helmet